Spend more time outside this year by joining the Smiths Falls Public Library “Get Outdoors Club”!
Just follow us on our social media platforms, or check out our website! In the future we hope to host in person programs that will require registration such as hiking, nature crafts, gardening, and more. For now we will be posting fun activities you can do by yourself or in small groups. All ages welcome!

This Month's Featured Titles

Share your outdoor adventures and photos with us using the hashtag #GetOutsideSFPL on social media.

Take Our Upcycle Challenge!

What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is what you call it when you repurpose trash. It could also be called a “creative re-use”. By definition it is the process of taking something unwanted or worthless and turning it into something better.

How to Participate:

Taking the challenge is as easy as repurposing a tin can as a flower vase. Give items destined for the landfill a second chance at life! Once you’ve upcycled your item, take a photo and post it in the comment section below, or tag the library so we can share your idea! You can also leave a comment with some of the ways you reuse and repurpose your items. The more ideas the better!

What Can I Repurpose?

  • items from the recycling bin or trash
  • something old and broken that can’t be used for it’s original purpose
  • old clothes that are too damaged or stained to be donated or handed down
  • just about anything!

What Can I Make?

  • storage containers
  • artwork
  • clothing or accessories
  • toys or activities
  • home décor and lawn décor
  • whatever you can dream up!

For more ideas, check out the library’s TikTok @smithsfalls_library for instructional videos.

Books to Get You Outside

Rideau Valley Conservation Passes

Did you know? Your Smiths Falls Public Library card isn’t just good for books! You can borrow conservation passes allowing you FREE access to the following areas:

  • Baxter Conservation Area
  • Foley Mountain
  • Perth Wildlife Reserve
  • Rideau Ferry Yacht Club
  • W.A. Taylor Conservation Area

To borrow a pass, just call the library at 613-283-2911 and sign one out like you would a library book! Passes cover the cost of one vehicle and can be borrowed for a 3-day period.