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The library is currently closed to the public. All in person services, events, and programs have been cancelled or moved online. For more information or to place an order for curbside pickup, call us at 613-283-2911, or email us at [email protected]

Spend more time outside this year by joining the Smiths Falls Public Library “Get Outdoors Club”!
Just follow us on our social media platforms, or check out our website! In the future we hope to host in person programs that will require registration such as hiking, nature crafts, gardening, and more. For now we will be posting fun activities you can do by yourself or in small groups. All ages welcome!
Share your outdoor adventures and photos with us using the hashtag #GetOutsideSFPL on social media.
This week’s challenge: How to Hand-Feed a Chickadee
1. Make sure you have a feeder in your yard and keep it filled regularly. Sunflower seeds are a favourite of Chickadees.
2. Stand 3 metres back from the feeder for about 10 minutes. Each day stand a little closer until the birds don’t mind you standing right beside the feeder. Be as still as possible. You can try making soft ‘pishing’ noises if you like.
3. Remove the feeder and fill a bowl or cup with the seeds. Hold the bowl with your hands where you had the feeder. DO NOT MOVE. You are a tree now, just holding the feeder. Do this for as long as you can manage everyday for a few days.
4. After a few days of the birds eating from your bowl, try using your bare hand. Pour the seeds into you hand and hold them out. Be VERY still. They might fake you out a few times flying in close then flying away. Remain still and earn their trust. Soon one will land on your hand!
Find this activity and more in “The Big Book of Nature Activities: A Year-Round Guide to Outdoor Learning” by Jacob Rodenburg, available on OverDrive or Libby.

Books to Get You Outside

Rideau Valley Conservation Passes

Did you know? Your Smiths Falls Public Library card isn’t just good for books! You can borrow conservation passes allowing you FREE access to the following areas:

  • Baxter Conservation Area
  • Foley Mountain
  • Perth Wildlife Reserve
  • Rideau Ferry Yacht Club
  • W.A. Taylor Conservation Area

To borrow a pass, just call the library at 613-283-2911 and sign one out like you would a library book! Passes cover the cost of one vehicle and can be borrowed for a 3-day period.