Circulation Policy: Loan Periods & Fines

Library memberships are free for Smiths Falls residents and residents of the Township of Montague.
Non-Resident Membership Fees: $55.00 annually or $11/month
Replacement library card: $3.00

Books: 3 weeks
DVDs: 1 week

Library material can be returned to the circulation desk during regular library hours or deposited in the drop box located at the rear of the building on Elmsley St.

If something you want is checked out, you can put it on hold. To place a hold, you can call or email the library, or log into your account via and place a hold online. You will be notified by phone or email once the item is ready. Items on reserve will be held for 3 days after notification.

You can renew library material in person, by phone or online if you need it for longer. Renewal periods are for the same amount of time as the initial loan period. Library items that are on reserve for someone else cannot be renewed.

Replacement Fees: If an item is lost or damaged, the cardholder will be charged the original purchase cost of the item.

The Smiths Falls Public Library provides free and equitable access to services in a welcoming and supportive environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.  The rules set out here are intended to ensure the dignity and safety of the public and the staff, and to maintain the security of library property without disruption to library service.  

Within this context, our top priority is to ensure a safe and positive experience for our library users while in the library.

Everyone using the library is expected to:

Be respectful of others.

  • Speak and work at a reasonable volume. 
  • Set your mobile device to low volume.
  • Refrain from foul, abusive, or discriminatory language or actions.
  • Respect the sensibilities of others when viewing materials in the Library.
  • Refrain from bringing in animals with the exception of registered guide/service animals.
  • Obtain permission from the Library to distribute literature or post materials on Library property.  Solicitation is not permitted in the Library.
  • Refrain from photography and videography unless granted express permission by the CEO. 
  • Respect others with sensitivities to scents, and limit the use of scented products. 
  • Wear proper clothing and footwear.  Report disruptive behaviour to a Library employee.
  • Obey all laws (eg. no smoking) and library policies.

Be respectful of Library property.

  • Use the Library’s materials, computers, equipment, and furniture with care.
  • Properly dispose of garbage and recycling.
  • Keep aisles, corridors, and spaces around you clear so that others can easily access them.
  • Do not enter areas posted “Staff Only” without staff permission.
  • Park bicycles, scooters, and small motorized vehicles outside the Library.  Small items such as skateboards or roller blades may be brought in but may not be used inside the Library or near the entrance.

Be safe.

  • Keep your belongings with you as the Library is not responsible for lost items.
  • Leave the building in case of fire, fire drills, or other emergencies. 
  • Follow the instructions of Library employees.

Exclusion and Appeals

Employees will make every effort to apply these policies in a fair, dignified, and consistent manner for the benefit of everyone.  Anyone choosing to disrespect the policies of the Library and refusing to modify behaviour will be asked to leave. 

The CEO may issue a suspension of up to year in duration.

Appeals of decisions under the above rules may be made in writing to the CEO/Chief Librarian. A final appeal may be made in writing to the Smiths Falls Public Library Board.